About us
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Inde y Vídes: Weaving Contemporary tales with Classic Antiquity…

Inde y Vídes (pronounced “Aaand ee Veedes”), roughly translated as “India and Abroad”, is conceptualised as a global concoction of UNIQUE, precious and semi-precious jewels sourced from local artisans across the world.  This labour of love is based on a vision to collaborate with artists, designers and merchants from mystical and EXOTIC LOCALES in the emerging world to showcase some of the most glamorous and vivid inspirations in jewellery design.  Each piece has been HAND-CRAFTED to perfection with heart-stopping attention to detail.  Our sources range from a 200 year old family business based in a “haveli” in Old Delhi that employs scores of local artisans, to young, up and coming jewellery designers with a contemporary twist.  Our mission is to SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS in these “frontier” economies, with thousands of years of ardour for PRECIOUS GEMSTONES and finery, evidenced historically and today in muted whispers still heard across palace corridors.

Inde y Vídes has been conceived for women who love things that are DIFFERENT, unique and difficult to find and replace.  These are women who are independent, busy, world travellers, corporate stars, business owners, moms, wives, girlfriends and sisters who like to take care of themselves and have a bit of disposable income to indulge in wonderful things, in an AFFORDABLE RANGE.  These are also women with a GLOBAL CONSCIENCE who are keen to support businesses and livelihoods in the third world.  We certainly are.  From sourcing our designs in Kenya, India, Morocco, Thailand and Turkey to collaborating with an Uruguayan based, female-run web-development company (winners of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards in 2010), THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER.

Inde y Vídes is a truly global enterprise since inception, founded by an Indian-born American Citizen living in the United Kingdom.  HITI SINGH has built a career spanning USA, Europe and Asia, within global corporations dealing in finance and private equity, investing in funds in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. She has an MBA from INSEAD and specialises in Microfinance, a nascent asset class, which has enabled millions of women to access finance to emerge as budding micro-entrepreneurs.  Along with her deep passion for development in the emerging markets, Hiti has a lifelong love for the finer things in life, especially antique jewellery, having been trained by the finest eye and negotiator, her late maternal grandmother.  Some of her happiest CHILDHOOD MEMORIES are those of spending several days at a time at the family jewellers, developing an instinct and acumen for acquiring antique royal “trinkets” with her mother, aunts and grandmother.  As a global nomad with access to such flourishing markets, Hiti decided to develop an international platform to showcase the most unique jewellery inspired by the mystique of the Old World, starting with her roots in India.  Inde y Vídes aspires to be a successful business enterprise based on her three endless, untainted loves: TRAVEL, SHOPPING AND JEWELLERY.

Come find us at one of our upcoming TRUNK SHOWS in a city near you.  We look forward to weaving these tales together…..